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5 Tips for Moving Heavy Furniture

How to Properly Move Heavy Furniture

It is likely that when you move, you are planning on taking your large, heavy sectional couch with you. All the dressers and large cabinet pieces will need to be moved as well. Moving these heavy pieces can be difficult and if done wrong, can be dangerous. Here are some safety tips to move this furniture more easily and without injury:

Disassemble What You Can

One of the most difficult parts about moving large furniture is getting these large pieces through narrow doors, hallways, or stairwells. By disassembling as much of your furniture as possible, you will make it easier on yourself to move. Once disassembled, you will have smaller and lighter pieces of furniture which will be easier to carry and easier to navigate through a doorway.

Don’t Do It Alone

Having another person helping you to move large and heavy pieces of furniture will make it much easier on yourself. Although you can look up “how to move heavy furniture by myself” this is not a smart idea. Attempting to move something large and heavy by yourself is a recipe for disaster and can result in serious injury. Call friends and family to help you out or better yet, call a moving company to do the hard work for you!

Analyze The “Exit Route”

Before moving your piece of furniture, make sure you know what door the piece of furniture is going out of and check out the route you’ll be carrying the furniture through. Make sure that all other boxes and moving supplies are not in your way so that you have a clear and safe path. If moving during the winter, make sure that there is no ice on the ground outside near the moving truck that could cause you to slip and fall.

Use Proper Technique And Wear Proper Clothing

For your personal safety, using proper lifting and moving techniques will be crucial. Some things to remember are to lift with your legs, push heavy pieces instead of pulling them, use slow and small steps, and stay focused! Doing something wrong can result in serious injury and moving into your new home with a broken leg or rolled ankle will only make the move that much more difficult.

Wearing proper clothing will also be important for your safety – wear sneakers for good support and traction. It would also be smart to wear tighter fitting clothing to eliminate the risk of getting hooked on other furniture and to just wear something you’ll be comfortable in all day.

Call A Moving Company!

All in all, calling a moving company will be the best thing to do if you have a lot of large, heavy furniture. A moving company has the experience, knowledge, and the proper equipment to move heavy furniture. They will come equipped with a furniture dolly, slides, and moving straps to move your heaviest furniture safely and efficiently.

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