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Important Things Many People Forget To Do When Moving

Things You Should Remember on Moving Day

When you’re looking to plan a move, it can be easy to forget something simple. The whole process is overwhelming, stressful and you already have a lot on your mind to begin with. Forgetting something essential is not only frustrating but it can also cost you time and money in the long run. Here’s a list of a few things that people tend to forget to do when moving. Keeping these things in mind the next time you move can save you a lot of stress and worry and you’ll be happy to remember them.

Make A Checklist

While packing it’s easy to forget something essential to bring to your new home. It may seem silly but make a check list! Having a reference will be extremely helpful when you are running around trying to pack up all of your things. When you can’t even remember what you’re doing anymore, you can count on your checklist to help get your head back on the right track and keep your move going smoothly.

Find The Best Moving Company

Hiring a moving company will be essential to a smooth and effective move. People tend to just pick the first moving company they find online but this is not always the best idea. You should do your research and really find the best moving company for you. Find a few moving companies and compare them! It’s also important to get quotes from all of them and make sure it includes all costs with no hidden fees. Cost will probably be an important factor in your decision so these quotes will be extremely helpful.

Have All Important Documents And Records On Hand

People tend to forget where they packed up important documents and records when they are moving. Important documents include things such as personal documents, employment, housing, legal, medical, financial, school paperwork etc. All of these documents should be carried with you and not left in the hands of your movers. It will also give you peace of mind knowing exactly where they are when you get to your new home.

Sort Through Your Things

You don’t need to bring everything you own! If you were to bring everything you own you would be paying your movers more for moving all of the stuff and making it harder for yourself to pack and unpack all of it. Make your life a little easier and declutter your home before packing up. By lightening your load you can possible save some money on moving expenses and you will also ensure a quicker and easier unpacking process at your new home. This is also just a good chance to clean out some things that no one needs anymore and could probably be donated to someone who could really use them.

Use Free Moving Boxes

People almost always forget that they can save some money on moving boxes. There are so many resources you can use to get free boxes that you can pack your things up in. Head to your local grocery store or liquor store to find free boxes that you can use for your move. You can also ask any friends, family or neighbors who have recently moved if they have any boxes leftover that you could use. It’s important to remember to utilize your resources, especially if it can save you some money.

Label Your Boxes

This is a simple fix but many people forget to do it. Labeling your boxes will make your move infinitely easier for both you and your movers. This will help your movers know exactly what room to put the boxes in when they are unloading the truck and will help you know what each box contains to make unpacking each box easier and faster.

Have A Box Or Bag For Your Essentials

This tip may be one of the most important ones that people most often forget when moving. Pack a box or a bag with essentials that you’ll need as soon as you move into your new home. These are things that if you pack away as normal , you would have to dig through all of your boxes on the first day in your new home to find them. By having all of these items in one box, you know exactly where they are and only have to open one box. Some items to pack in here include any medications, toiletries, some extra clothes, kitchen items for the first few days, any valuables and anything you’ll need on you at all times.

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