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What Your Movers Want You to Know

Ways You Can Help Your Movers on Moving Day

The day of your move can be hectic, especially if you have a moving company in your home as well as your family. Everyone is trying to do something and it can quickly get tight and frustrating when it feels like you’re all on top of eachother. But, remember that you hired them to help and that’s what they are trying to do. Here are some things your movers want you to know to make things go more smoothly for a stress free day of moving:

Don’t Leave The Movers

By saying this we mean don’t abandon your movers once they get to your house. Yes, you’re all trying to stay out of each other’s way but it’s nice to stick around while they are there if they need anything. If something were to go wrong, they’ll want to find you right away and if you’re not there it leaves them in a pickle trying to get in contact with you.

Give Them Any Important Information They Need For The Day Of The Move

Your moving company cannot read your mind. If you want them to park in a certain place in your driveway, you should let them know ahead of time so they can pull in the right place the first time. The moving company may also not be familiar with the area so let them know about any parking rules. If there is a time restriction for how long they can be parked on the street, let them know so they are not left with a parking ticket.

Don’t Leave Packing Until The Last Minute

You should have everything packed and ready to be put into the moving truck before the movers get there. If you are still packing and the movers are sitting around waiting for you to finish, this isn’t proper moving etiquette. When everything is packed beforehand, the movers can see how much they have to fit in the moving truck. If they start putting things in the truck and you bring more and more boxes out, it is going to make the process more difficult and less efficient.

Label Your Boxes

This will make everything so much easier for everyone. Label the boxes with their destination/ what room the stuff is from. This way when the movers are unloading the boxes at your new home, they know which room to put them in which will make your job of unpacking much easier. It is also important to label boxes if they contain anything fragile. Again, your movers aren’t mind readers and won’t know what box your expensive and fragile punch bowl is in. Either let them know or label it on the box so they know to be extra careful with that box.  

Empty Dressers And Desks

Just because your stuff is neatly folded away in your dresser does not mean that it is packed for your move. These pieces of furniture are heavy as it is, and when you leave them full of stuff they become even heavier and more difficult to lift and move. This can also be dangerous for your movers if a drawer opens while being lifted and anything heavy falls out.

Hold Onto Your Valuables

When it comes to expensive jewelry, money or important documents, your moving company does not want to be responsible. If something get misplaced they do not want to be the ones taking the burden for it. Pack these things separately and bring them with you in your own car. This way you’ll know where they are at all times and your moving company will not be liable if anything were to happen to them.

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