Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend booking your move with Dunbar Moving as early as possible to ensure availability, ideally 4-6 weeks before your desired moving date.

The cost of your move with Dunbar Moving is influenced by various factors, including distance, household size, additional services, and the time of year.

Customers should organize and pack their belongings securely in sturdy boxes, with fragile items properly wrapped. Dunbar Moving offers packing services if needed

No, Dunbar Moving cannot transport hazardous materials due to safety regulations. Customers must make arrangements for proper disposal.

Customers should contact Dunbar Moving as soon as possible to discuss rescheduling options, keeping in mind that additional charges may apply.

Customers are encouraged to transport valuable or sentimental items themselves. Dunbar Moving can accommodate special handling instructions for these items.

In the rare event of damaged belongings, customers should promptly notify Dunbar Moving, who will guide them through the claims process for resolution.

Customers should ensure their new home is ready to receive belongings, with clear pathways for movers and necessary utilities connected for a seamless transition.