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Dunbar Moving is a full-service, fully licensed and insured moving company located in Stony Brook, New York in Suffolk County, Long Island.

Our experienced team members are seasoned professionals with a thirty-year track record of local Long island moving. Whether you are moving a few boxes, an entire household, with our professional moving services, you will receive prompt, courteous, fair and reliable service with fair & clear pricing.

We understand that moving can be stressful, in any given situation. Whether you are moving from an apartment to a home, downsizing, upsizing or renovating, a move needs to be seamless. We are your first choice when it comes to moving company Long Island, we handle it all from heavy moving, to packing all of your belongings and making sure that they get where they need to be.

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Movers Long Island NY | Mover Long Island | Long Island Moving Companies | Dunbar Moving
Movers Long Island NY | Mover Long Island | Long Island Moving Companies | Dunbar Moving
Movers Long Island NY | Mover Long Island | Long Island Moving Companies | Dunbar Moving

Moving on your own can often become a harrowing task. Although some people try to save money by renting trucks and calling all of their friends, we all know that nobody really wants to be hassled by helping someone else move. Also, our moving company Long Island completely understands the importance of moving your items correctly. We are equipped with blankets to protect your furniture, and are experts at proper lifting and moving techniques to ensure that nobody gets injured and that your precious belongings arrive at their intended destination safely and soundly.

We can begin your move on any date that you would like for delivery on the date of your choice as well. Our moving company Long Island NY will also make sure that once your items arrive at their intended destination, they are placed in the rooms that they need to go in, so that there are no problems on the evening of your move and you can begin to enjoy your new place just as soon as your belongings get there.

One of the worst parts of a move is the packing of your belongings. Whatever it may be, we know that all of your items are important to you. From the tiniest fork or spoon to your larger furniture pieces, we make sure that it is all properly packed and ready to be moved to its next destination.

Our moving company Long Island are the experts when it comes to properly packing all of your belongings and making sure that, when they get to their destination, they arrive in one piece, ready for you to unpack them and put them wherever you would like. You can label your boxes for any room in your new place or you can have our moving company Long Island NY label them for you, to ensure that everything goes exactly where it needs to go.

When it comes to heavy moving you should never leave your precious belongings to chance. If heavy items such as bureaus, tables, refrigerators and other appliances are not properly moved, then it can create a treacherous situation for those attempting to move them and t=for the expensive items themselves. When items are not properly lifted and moved, it can create serious injuries to those trying to move them and if they are dropped, the pieces themselves can be ruined forever. We come equipped with lift gates, hand trucks and the proper man power to get even the largest of items to and from their respective destinations. Getting them to their destination is only half the battle. In some locations, there could be obstacles such as tight doorways or stairs that could hinder the moving altogether. We make sure that the item itself and the surrounding walls, doorways, etc. stay protected from any damage along the way.